Meet Our Team



Christa McDonald

Stylist/Social Media Marketer for The Vibe 

I have been with Elite for 5 years now and I've never looked back! I love being behind my chair and making people feel beautiful within themselves. Highlighting in any form is my favorite service, but I truly love it all! I also manage the online presence for our boutique, The Vibe. I love growing with these amazing ladies and can't wait to see you in my hair or visiting the shop.

Britani Alvarado 

Stylist/Salon Manager

I have been a part of the Elite Team for 6 years. I wear a lot of hats- stylist, salon manager and I also work at our boutique The Vibe. I am also a cosmetology instructor at a local hair school. I love mentoring new students in the industry since I am a newer stylist myself. Being a part of an industry that is always evolving makes it important to offer a fresh perspective. 

 My favorite thing to do behind the chair is anything color. I love to customize my client's look to match their lifestyle and personal style.  I also specialize in makeup artistry.

I tell everyone I know that I have the best job and truly love going to work everyday with my amazing team. I love creating relationships with our clients and making them feel their best. It is definitely the most rewarding part of my career!


Amy Taylor


I am a small town girl from Pepperell, MA. I love to help people feel more confident and beautiful in their own skin. 

Having known from a young age I desired a career that would show off my creative and artistic side, I decided to go to Nashoba Valley Technical School, with a concentration in Cosmetology. 

I have been a licensed cosmetology professional for 12 years and I specialize in personalized haircuts, natural looking color options, highlights, and much more! 

Thank you for reading and I look forward to working with you 


Jessica Lamarche

Master Stylist

I am a wife of a great Police officer and proud mom to my 2 littles.  I have been in this industry for 19 years and have been a part of this amazing team of ladies for the last 16 years.

I always knew I wanted to be a stylist and I found my forever home here at Elite many years ago. I enjoy making people feel beautiful and building relationships with my clients. I always enjoy seeing someone’s face light up after getting their hair done. I like being creative behind the chair.

Changing someone’s whole look makes me excited. I love doing custom color and balayage. Just being able to put my creativity in someone’s hair is the best. Can’t wait to see new faces in my chair and give you a new look!


Karen Langell

Master Stylist

I’ve been in this industry for over 30 years. I’ve been married to my husband Ronnie for 31 years and we’re  proud parents of two adult children Ryan & Melyssa.

I enjoy working with all the staff and wonderful talent that surrounds me at Elite. Even though I’ve been In this industry for a long time, I’m continuing to learn from others and also take part of continuing education both in and out of the salon.

My specialties include customizing the correct formula for your color and performing the exact techniques to give you the look you want to achieve.

After all these years I still enjoy doing perms! If your looking to get just a body wave or a tighter spiral curl for longer hair, make an appointment with me!

I’m always looking forward to seeing new faces in the salon and and my chair!

Hope to see you soon ;)

Nancy Manuel

Master Stylist/Director of Education 

I've had one career In my life and that is a hairstylist 37 years sure goes by fast. When you are a guest in my chair I will listen and together we will reach your hair goals. Come in relax laugh and have a wonderful experience from start to finish can't wait to meet you. 


Skylar Cutter

Social Media Marketer for Elite

I live in Hampton NH with my big family of 8 and our 2 pups who we love dearly.

The past two years I have been traveling around the U.S. in my tiny house on wheels, Pearl. Seeing all of the beauty that this planet has to offer while meeting so many amazing souls along the way. 

My passion has always been people and just recently, fashion! I started my own clothing business this year, Earth & Skye Clothing. My favorite part about creating unique wearable art for people is the way it makes them feel. Clothing should make you feel uplifted and empowered and here at Elite Hair Design and The Vibe that is our main goal! 

Through my travels I have discovered many of our new vendors at The Vibe! I love finding different styles and pieces so there is truly something for everyone. I manage our online boutique and also co-manage our social media pages. Be sure to check us out!


Stacey Clement

Master Stylist

I am a mom of three grown boys and two fur babies. I have been a hairstylist for 32 years, 28 of them in Westford Mass. I specialize in cutting and coloring and I especially enjoy foiling. Although I’ve been in this business quite awhile, I always enjoy meeting new clients. If your looking for a change, come see me!


Paige Wiley 

Salon Coordinator

I love being a mom, baking, drawing, painting and being outside. I've been with Elite for 2 years.

truly care about my team and our clients. It's very important to me that your visit is one that is happy and comfortable. I help to keep the salon clean and sanitized, while also maintaining and even flow through the shop. I also work in our boutique The Vibe.

I can help make your appointments and navigate any scheduling conflict. I appreciate being part of your experience and will do all that I can to make it that much more enjoyable. Thank you for choosing Elite. See you soon! 


Lois A. Cutter

Owner/Founder of Elite Hair Design & The Vibe

Being the youngest of three girls, I had my challenges already laid out for me. Being seen and heard in the chaos of being raised by a single Mom has filled my soul with grit and determination. I was taught to grab life by the shoulders and shake out every possible ounce of it as I move through all the beginnings. I don’t see endings, just a new beginning and a way of looking at what has taken place and moving on from that point, without hesitation or doubt. 


I am the grateful mother of four amazing humans who constantly remind me of what matters most. Watching them manifest their own dreams and desires is on the top of my list of favorites! 


With every ounce of my being, I enjoy seeing others grow and stretch their limits beyond where they thought possible. Walking along side a team of talented professionals is one of my favorite things to do. I love mentoring as much as the air I breathe. I take nothing or no one for granted. I encourage myself and my team to embrace Self Care and Love individually so we can share that love with others we meet. 


I founded Elite with a mindset of integrity and by keeping the importance of relationships and appreciation for others in the forefront of my mind. Never wavering or doubting it’s success. I just knew in my heart and soul that it would be amazing... and that it is! Always evolving. Always growing and stretching. 


Building the foundation blocks of Elite has been a wild ride. There are constant challenges, dips and blunders. At times, failing forward but never looking back. We are wildly successful and continue to grow in ways I always imagined when the thought of Elite was merely just a thought. 


Watching us emerge into a new space with open arms, we welcome all walks of life to feel safe and certain that they will feel special and loved while inside our space. Our common goal centers around providing the ultimate experience for our guests. 


With all our moments, both big and small, we stand taller now than ever before. We can’t wait to meet you!